About cmg-ip

cmg-ip is a leading IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) company providing anti-counterfeit services to the brands and caters to support diversified businesses. Our head office is located in Karachi Pakistan. In our portfolio we possess Legal Power of Attorney’s (PoAs) for our local and multinational companies/clients with regards to their anti-counterfeit actions in Pakistan. cmg-ip has always endeavoured to create innovation through actively supporting the acquisition of intellectual property. We at cmg-ip believe in hard to promote the creation and utilization of excellent IP services. We make sure to add value through the protection of IPR, promote IP awareness amongst brand owners.

Our Mission

Combating counterfeit to safeguard the damage and prejudice of our clients and help brands to stop any counterfeit and move with highest trajectory to drive substantial growth,

Our Vision

At cmg-ip, our vision is to be a trailblazing force in the realm of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), empowering brands and businesses worldwide with cutting-edge anti-counterfeit services. We are driven by the commitment to safeguard our clients’ interests and innovations, providing them with unparalleled legal support and protection.